Why is car surfing dangerous?

Vehicle roofs are slippery and not made for surfing, as water surfboards are. Car surfing is done by either standing or sitting on top of the vehicle. When sitting, grabbing onto the sides of the roof doesn't give the car surfer much stability. Standing, even with shoes that have strong treads, usually means that the person has nothing to hold on to. Falls during car surfing have been shown to occur when the driver accelerates or brakes as well as during turns.

Car surfers typically don't wear helmets or protective clothing; this increases the harmful results of a slip or fall from a vehicle's roof. People have died as a result of slipping and falling while car surfing. Others have experienced head injury, brain concussion, paralysis, chronic headaches, memory problems and other medical issues. When done on public roads, car surfing is also illegal as well as dangerous.

How do you deal with peer pressure?

Education is key! Here are a few suggestions for opening up to your kids about making better choices. 

1) Role play several 'bad choice' scenarios with your kids and let them come up with their own words to empower them. this is a great tool for getting your word across, let them 'own' their actions. 

2) Teach them to say "NO". Try starting a simple conversat...ion and encourage them to be honest about how peer pressure is affecting their decisions. 

3) Know what your kids are up to. Get them involved in healthy activities. Be honest with them about bad choices and what the consequences would be.

4) Let them know that driving is a privilidge, not a right. A car can easily be used as a deadly weapon and kids should be aware, whether as the driver, passenger or bystander.

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